From One Sister To Another: Glory Beauty

8 thoughts on “From One Sister To Another: Glory Beauty”

  1. Kezia! This is beautiful. Thank you for penning this lesson with such eloquence! I will always remember this young girl. She will probably never know how many people’s hearts were touched by her simple, yet amazingly complete and perfect term “glory beauty”. It was by far one of our most valuable, much needed lessons. Sending hugs to you!


    1. Oh Yes, Becky! I was so blessed by it. I kept thinking about it even after I got back from China. God really spoke to me through that very simple phrase, yet so powerful.


  2. Important sharing,Kezia~~~~Your article always remind what i should thank to our Lord Father.i were a girl who was not really confident inside even all around gave me praise before i knew JESUS.After i knew Jesus,i understand that because i dont know my value outside Jesus Christ.Yes,you are beautiful when i saw you the first,whatever your smile,your voice~~~~It does come from God,the unique glory one.
    Thanks for remind me we are glory beauty ones.You always inspire me.God bless you!~O(∩_∩)O~


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