The Storeowner and Joseph’s Prayer

6 thoughts on “The Storeowner and Joseph’s Prayer”

    1. Yes, indeed! I am most honored to have witnessed this amazing story of God’s display of affection. I have to tell people about it. I am glad that this story ministered to you.


  1. Wow! How wonderful to see our amazing God in action! Thank you so much for sharing, Kezia. I keep asking myself, “How does He do that?”


    1. I know, right?! This story really did it for me. After Joy shared that Joseph prayed about the car, I was literally shaking inside. Too amazed to even say anything coherent that time.


  2. And , I am crying again. This story can not be told without more tears. Tears of joy over the caring compassion of an all knowing Lord. To know that we were part of such an elaborate plan is humbling and serves to further build our faith in such a mighty God. Kezia, you are a wonderfully talented writer. Thank you for gathering up the jewels of our trip and formulating such inspiring devotions. I will print them, treasure them, revisit them and share them for years to come. You, my sister are a treasure. I’ve sent an electronic hug… catch it!


    1. Oh, Becky! You are so encouraging! Thank you so much! And yes, this story is such an amazing display of God’s love for us. I will definitely keep revisiting it and constantly remind myself of how God truly cares for His children. Catching your hug and sending one too!


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