Genesis Clouds moved in and darkness encircled me; the waters roared and wrecked my identity. Sorrow and despair would not let me be; anger and defeat besieged my soul weary.  On every side, I saw nothing  but waste in the abyss of resentment. Your Spirit hovered over my shriveling life. You spoke, light appeared—it held … Continue reading Genesis

I Am His

I Am His I am more a sinner than a saint. Yet the Father calls me righteous without restraint. Not because I have any merit, but because of the Lamb’s blood spilt on Calvary. O what is man that You are mindful of him? My heart is bursting with Your deep love, my King. How … Continue reading I Am His

Subtle Lies

Green Card About a month ago, I watched this Filipino TV show where a friend of the heroine suggested a solution to her problem: marry an American guy to get a green card. She is conflicted about this advice because she considers marriage sacred. So she goes to church to pray about it. She sees … Continue reading Subtle Lies