Kesha: How God Spoke to Me Through My Name in Africa

Swahili is an African language spoken in Kenya. After I introduced myself to a new Kenyan friend during our recent trip to Kibera in Nairobi, he replied, “You have a beautiful name. Do you know what it means in Swahili?” I shook my head and said, “No, what does it mean?” He said, “Kezia (pronounced … Continue reading Kesha: How God Spoke to Me Through My Name in Africa


* Part II: A reflection of the time I left home as an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW. Filipino workforce is the number one export of the Philippines. You can read Part I here.* Arriving In A Strange Land It was bright. Yet the room was dimly lit. Everything was so vivid to me. I … Continue reading Stay

Sarah’s Mess

Last year, I had the rare privilege of studying women of the Bible with Chinese women in Beijing. We were cramped in a one-bedroom apartment not too far from where my team’s hotel was. I estimate there were about 25 ladies in that apartment, hungry for God’s word and thirsty for the Holy Spirit’s presence. … Continue reading Sarah’s Mess

Will God Give Me More Than I Can Bear?

No, He Wouldn’t

I am not sure when I first heard this encouragement: God will never give you more than you can bear. He will give you only what you can handle.

In the early years of my walk with Jesus, I found these words comforting especially in times when it seems like I couldn’t really go on anymore. I even began dispensing the same pep talk to friends who go through tough times. Continue reading “Will God Give Me More Than I Can Bear?”

I Want To Know God’s Will

“I want to know God’s will.”

A household expression within Christian circles that I am sure we’ve all either said or heard. It has evolved into our prescribed answer for questions about the future or even about today — this very moment. It acts as our antidote for uncertainties and for not being able to make decisions.

I dare say it has become our excuse for inaction.

I believe we say this not because we want to undoubtedly know God’s will. We say this because we want to either ignore what is before us or to “safely” escape from not doing what we already know we should be doing. We give this Christianese alibi to avoid carrying out a step of faith. Continue reading “I Want To Know God’s Will”

I Desire Mercy And Not Sacrifice

“What if a drug-addicted prostitute came to church and sat beside you one Sunday, how will you feel?”

This question lingered in my mind since my husband raised it during his message a few Sundays ago. I mulled it over and contemplated how I would react if this did happen to our church. After several days of ruminating on it, I came to a definite conclusion.

I am ashamed to admit: I believe her presence would make me feel so uncomfortable and compel me to move away from her. I would probably pretend she is not there or most likely not even talk to her. I might even be offended by her presence.

I asked myself, “Why?” The answer, “Pride.”

Pride because I deem myself better for not committing sins as “big” as hers. Pride because I estimate myself “superior” compared to her for not stumbling over vile sins of the flesh (as if all sin is not sickening to God). (Really, the keyword here is “compare.” Comparing myself to others readily spurs my arrogant heart to either false humility or false superiority.)
Continue reading “I Desire Mercy And Not Sacrifice”

When All Is Well

Last night, I read an encouraging blog that a friend shared on her wall. It talked about how easy it is to praise God when all is well in your life, and how we question if God is even there when we are suffering. Then it went on about how God is always there with us no matter our circumstances; that fear should not be our response but faith in His love for us.

I totally agree with the writer of the blog; but it did get me into a train of thought about what if suffering isn’t actually a praise killer but a trigger. Continue reading “When All Is Well”