A Reflection: When Declaring God Is Good

3 thoughts on “A Reflection: When Declaring God Is Good”

  1. What a beautiful message. I agree that God’s goodness may not be what we are looking for in our prayers but He always knows what is best.


    1. Yes, He does! Often though, it is hard for me to see things the way He sees them. I need to constantly remind myself that He is good even when my surrounding circumstances don’t seem to be in my favor.

      I am glad the message ministered to you!


  2. Please pray that I will be able to see the goodness of GOD in my current circumstance. I’ve been praying that he will help me understand the way HE works in my life nowadays.. I’ve been also praying that I will truly learn the lessons that HE wants me to learn from the very experience I’m going through and in the end I can truly say that GOD is good all the time….


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