Psalm 46: The River of Life

A Personal Reflection on Psalm 46 Read: Psalm 46:1-11 It was January 27, 2002. I was baptized at the break of dawn at my city’s river. I had just gone through several months of conversation about Jesus and the Bible with a former teacher who is also a friend. Through this months-long conversation, I had … Continue reading Psalm 46: The River of Life


Genesis Clouds moved in and darkness encircled me; the waters roared and wrecked my identity. Sorrow and despair would not let me be; anger and defeat besieged my soul weary.  On every side, I saw nothing  but waste in the abyss of resentment. Your Spirit hovered over my shriveling life. You spoke, light appeared—it held … Continue reading Genesis

The God Choice


Yes, that familiar fork in the road where you have to choose only one path.

The dilemma is never choosing between a good choice and a bad choice. Whenever faced with that question, we can easily pick one. The dilemma lies when you have to choose between two good options, two sound choices.

So, which one?

I make plans. That’s what I do. As a teacher, planning is a skill I have mastered so well I use it in every aspect of my life — including my relationship with Jesus. I had lofty dreams for Him; big plans of what I can accomplish for Him. Continue reading “The God Choice”