Go Left (A Luke 10 Journey)

6 thoughts on “Go Left (A Luke 10 Journey)”

  1. Thank you Kezia for writing this down for us to read down here in Strand, South Africa. Our constant prayers were with these groups over the entire weekend, but especially with Andreas (being our youngest son), Cristo & Anica…and God once again showed His wonderful love by looking after them, providing in their needs and guiding them securely with His amazing Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for being their Close Companion and bringing them back safely with an awesome story to tell! All the best to you! Vic & Estella Schabort


    1. Hi Estella! I am glad to hear that the blog ministered to you. I want you to know that we felt the peace and love of Jesus present in your son (Andreas), Cristo, and Anica. Surely, their story rocked my faith and pushed me towards asking for more of Him!


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