I am in Paradise

4 thoughts on “I am in Paradise”

  1. A wonderful blessing, indeed from our generous and lavished God. Enjoy life to the fullest in the presence of God’s love. I am happy for you, Kez!


  2. Yes Kezia, I reckon you will be a writer of books one day! Truly we are in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. When I read this, i worshipped God again for the beautiful sights and sounds I was hearing this morning. Are Jason’s family still with you?


    1. Hey Ros! Thanks so much for the compliment! And I am glad that this ministered to your heart. I am just filled with so much joy and gratitude for God’s generosity in my life.

      Jason’s family left this morning. We were wanting to have you guys meet up with them, but we went to Phuket in the last few days and our schedule was too tight coming back to set up anything.


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