There Is More To The Story

2 thoughts on “There Is More To The Story”

  1. Kezia great thoughts and so well written. We are actually walking through this with Mike’s sister Sue. She became a Christian 2years ago and 6 months later she was diagnosed with a very rare cancer. It would have been curable if caught in time but it had gone undiagnosed too long. Jesus has used this tragic situation to transform her life in a incredible way. She has far surpassed the time frame but far more than that she shines as a reflection of His strength and beauty, as unsaved friend and family look on they are intrigued and amazed, puzzled and perplexed.
    If you had known her before this you would met a far different person, bitter, angry, restless, emotional driven woman. But God in his miraculous grace has created a peaceful, strong, truthful person who’s priorities have totally changed! We don’t know how long this side of heaven we’ll have her but as she says she’s going to the best party in town so don’t be sad for me!
    It has been the most difficult assignment from God I have ever had BUT the most rewarding and beautiful to watch play out. It is God who has ordained our days and the old Sue would have ran to Switzerland with that diagnosis she was given. Nothing, nothing in our lives is wasted, He uses all, the good, the bad and the ugly, to bring glory to the Son.
    Blessings to you and Jay.


    1. Oh my! Thank you so much for sharing this Colleen. It’s exactly the kind of story that we should hear. God will never waste our sufferings. Such an awesome God we serve. Let Sue know that she’s blessed me already just knowing about her beautiful story.


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