When All Is Well

5 thoughts on “When All Is Well”

  1. Thanks Kezia for sharing your Spirituality!It does remind me what i experienced during the whole year of 2013 every minute~~~ I was sick in my Vertebral and somewhere,even when i went to Thailand.But HE gave me more mercy、love、grace and growth to help me burden it.
    People said my sickness should happen in the old ones,but it did in me.Now i believe absolutely that is GOD’s work.Thanks Lord for let me know HIM more &be attracted by JESUS’ beauty with such a method.May our hearts only would like pursue JESUS.
    Lord bless you and love you so much!~~~~O(∩_∩)O~~~


    1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience too. And I am happy that this post ministered to you. God does speak to us in our difficult times, and in those times we usually hear Him clearly than at any other time. =)


  2. Also we tend sometimes even not to thank God after He blesses us with changing our suffering to a good peaceful time. It is easy to involve into the mess of the everyday life when everything turns to be well and even not to say it was a blessing but say it was a good luck instead.


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