Abba, Faithful God, Thank You

Abba, Faithful God, Thank You In my defeat, you not only comfort me, But you pick up the broken pieces To create priceless beauty from the debris. You breathe your Spirit in my being; My everlasting God, you set me free, thank you. In my victory, I see your skillful hand Establish the course I … Continue reading Abba, Faithful God, Thank You

On Gratitude

by vol25 on (Click on the image to go to vol25's page.)
by vol25 on (Click on the image to go to vol25’s page.)

I have been thinking. A lot lately.

I have been restless and unable to put pen to paper. For weeks now, enduring this inexplicable burden I feel, I have tried to write to release me from my thoughts. Yet I can’t seem to construct a sentence I didn’t want to throw out the window. It all seems off. I kept waking up in the middle of the night with incoherent thoughts running wild and in all places.

With rain that seems to always find its way to Krabi more often than not these days, I contemplate even more. It gives me this calmness that allows me to gather my thoughts. I love rain. I am thankful for it. With it, I feel God’s embrace; I sense the familiar surge of gratitude rise up in my soul reminded of His unending grace. But something appears conflicting even as I whisper a prayer of thanks for it. Continue reading “On Gratitude”