A Diamond for Mama


My sister and I planned to buy her a diamond ring for her 50th birthday.

We were overwrought with hospital bills, doctors, and expensive vials. We forgot about the diamond.

I keep a small notebook with me everywhere I go. I write down ideas that come into my mind before they slip away, ideas to write or share. After my last blog post a few days ago, I started scanning my notebook to refresh myself with what I have written. Then, my mind started drifting to other more practical things to think of, to upcoming events, to appointments set for this month. This month. Wait, it’s April.

April. It’s my mama’s birthday month.

I remembered the diamond. Continue reading “A Diamond for Mama”

Once Upon A Time

Fairytales have always been my ultimate favorite genre in movies and books. At 32, stories of prince and princesses, of magical powers, and of fairies still make my heart jump with extreme delight. So it was without question that I would be gawking at the abc tv series “Once Upon A Time” when it first came out in 2011. I have been, without fail, following this show ever since. Continue reading “Once Upon A Time”