Psalm 46: The River of Life

A Personal Reflection on Psalm 46 Read: Psalm 46:1-11 It was January 27, 2002. I was baptized at the break of dawn at my city’s river. I had just gone through several months of conversation about Jesus and the Bible with a former teacher who is also a friend. Through this months-long conversation, I had … Continue reading Psalm 46: The River of Life



“Yes, I am staying.”

After watching a video, I found myself uttering these very words to myself fully convinced that I am called to stay — in church.

I am not foreign to the cycle of excuses we often throw people or ourselves about leaving church. These excuses span from petty grievances on what carpet color to use or justified cries on the hypocrisy that exists in a group of imperfect people gathering together.

Church is boring. Church music is not modern enough. Church is so uptight.

Or, me and God, we have our own thing. I can pray and worship God at home. I can do church with my TV. Continue reading “Staying”